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The Plan - Our Clients To Be #1 On Google!

Recently, I picked up the book by the author Dave Kerpen called “likeable social media – How to delight your customers, create an irresistible brand, and be generally amazying on Facebook (and other social networks)”

First off, this isn’t your standard social media book. This book shows you examples of how to think completely out of the box and view several social platforms as excellent locations to talk to potential customers – in a way that is pleasing to the customer!

It’s definitely not an in your face marketing book. The author prescribes excellent techniques to get in touch with your potential clients on the various social networks. I personally have used these networks, such as linkedin, facebook and twitter for some time, but I was totally blown away by how Dave recommends you use them.

It made complete sense on how we should be marketing to our potential customers. You see, the premise of the book is not to ‘advertise’ to your customer demographic, but to use these platforms to ‘communicate and listen’ to them.

This is very different. More and more traditional advertising is being turned on its ear and no longer works. Think I’m wrong? Ask your friends and family how many of them own a PVR with their favorite cable provider and ask if they tape and skip over commercials or do they love to watch the commercials?

People in today’s culture have a boat load of information that they have access too. And they will make purchasing decisions based upon social acceptance of a product or down right researching the product to see if it fits their personal needs.

In the beginnings of  a product, it will come down to research. By using the social networks as prescribed by Mr Kerpen, you will be ahead of the pack. With good communications with your potential client base, you will be able to target their needs and build your product to satisfy those needs. And you have a marriage made in heaven.

I’ve only read the first quarter of this book, but in my opinion, what I’ve read already makes it a winner. Even if the last 3/4′s of this book is fluff and nonsense, I’d still be thrilled with the tools and ideas presented already.

I hope that you too pick up this book and build your business’ social presence! Good luck.