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on page seo On Page SEOOn page seo or search engine optimization is one of the only factors that you have complete control over to improve your web sites location in the search engine rankings.

In my opinion, on page seo has two distinct parts associated with it.

On Page SEO – The Overall Site Schema

First, your web site should have two files that give the search engines a very fast view of the overall structure and pages that are actually make up your web site. These two files are the sitemap.xml and robots.txt. Between these two files, a spider can come to your site and rapidly index it based upon the pages that it finds in your sitemap file.

The robots.txt has some instructions to search engine spiders but overall it points to the sitemap file so again, the spider can find it quickly.

For this first step, let me tell you how much of a difference that can make. Recently, I had setup a new web site for a client and had completely forgot to setup these two critical files. I had performed all the off page seo to get the site indexed in the search engines.

Normally, I find that I can get a new site indexed in the engines within about one hour. For this site and my slip up, after three days, I was scratching my head on why the site wasn’t still indexed.

At that moment, I went through my checklist and discovered my mistake. Once these files are in place, the site was indexed within about 15 minutes!

Next, and this is part of the first part, is the actual web links. When building pages for a site, the actual url should contain your primary keyword for that page. So for example, if you look at the url for this page, you’ll find it to be Now, the search engine spiders have a pretty big clue that the site is about on-page-seo!

On Page SEO – Page Qualities to Consider

For the second part of on page seo, it’s vitally important to continue building a page on the theme of targetting to a specific keyword. Once again, for this page, I’m focusing on the keyword, on page seo.

So, what I’ll do is simple things like ensuring one occurance of the term ‘on page seo’ is bolded, another is italicized and finally another is underlined. Again, this brings more importance to this term.

Also, I’ll make sure that I’ve used the term about every 100 words on the page. By doing this, the term on page seo will become the predominant term on the page.

Finally, putting in a few title tags with the keyword, on page seo will help as well. There are other things to further target the on page seo but this gives you some idea of what’s involved.

If you are looking for help with your web site on page seo, be sure to get in contact with us.