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The Plan - Our Clients To Be #1 On Google!

How to get started with LevelupSEO

We are thrilled that you are interested in working with the ProSEO group and Calgary ProSEO in particular.

To get started, we will normally spend about 30 minutes talking with you to learn a few things about you and your business.

  • What is your primary industry?
  • What is your primary products and/or services?
  • Where do you want to focus your efforts in your business?
  • Who do you think your potential competition is? (Other business names.)
  • What are your expectations?

After we interview you, we then perform two tasks for you that will give us a good beginnings for your business.

Analysis of your web site . This will be a full on page analysis with repairs and recommendations for further work if necessary. We understand that there are a lot of great web designers out there and your web site might have great ‘look-ability’ but many sites have little or no ‘search-ability’. This searchability factor is what the search engines depend upon for successfully being found. About 25% of all search engine optimization is based upon this one factor that is 100% in our control. This is critical for long term success!

Next, we will perform a full keyword analysis report on your business. This will clearly show us where our best efforts should be focused. Here’s some of the information we will glean from this report:

  • How many people each month are potentially typing in those keywords. It only makes sense to work hard for the keywords that could give you dozens of new leads per month then keywords that may only bring one or two new leads per month.
  • Finally, we will inspect the current competitor rankings for all sites on page one of Google. From these data, we decide which of these final keywords are the least competitive but show good search volume and we focus on them.

You will not get charged for this comprehensive keyword analysis report until we start to show proof that we are ranking your keywords.

Continuing forward it will be a matter of continued off page and on page search engine optimization and more leads to your business!