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The Plan - Our Clients To Be #1 On Google!

This is a great question, what is Google Local. Google Local is a set of thousands of free web sites that Google is giving away to local businesses. The whole idea is to give a local services the ability to create an electronic ‘yellow pages’ for web searchers.

Google is an intelligent enough search engine that they can differentiate, most of the time, between global searches and local searches. When they perceive that the search is locally oriented in nature, they will give their Google Local web sites preferred ranking to general web sites.

For example, take one moment and search for the term, ‘mortgage broker manhattan’, within a standard Google search.

What you’ll notice from this example is that the page is showing two items that are unique for Google Local.

First is the actual Google Local listings. They will point to the company web site and the Google Local pages.

Next is a map of the local area that is showing where the Google Local businesses are located from A to G.

So, as a local business, it’s important for you to ensure that your business has a Google Local page and have it ranked.

The first thing you want to do is see if you actually have a Google Local page. You can go to Google maps and do a search for your business name and your local city or town name.

Next, if you have a Google local listing, make sure you claim that listing. Finally, take the time to ensure your information is correct!

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