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The Plan - Our Clients To Be #1 On Google!

Just about every time I meet with a prospective client, the question comes up about what make The ProSEO group any different from the dozens of unsolicited emails they receive from other search engine optimization companies?

It is unfortunate, but spammers or in the wild west days, snake oil salesmen, are always quick to jump onto a bandwagon where there is real opportunity. The spammers have recognized the fact that businesses need to have help getting their web sites ranked well in the search engines, if they wish to compete in the marketplace. Much like the old west days where legitimate medicines were being developed and other ‘snake oil salesmen’ entered the market to sell junk that just doesn’t work. Does it make the legitimate medicines junk too? No absolutely not, but it does put a tarnish on the industry as a whole.

Before you decide upon any company who performs search engine optimization, be sure to find out some critical points. In our opinion, these make up the framework for our ProSEO Comprehensive Keyword Report.

Discovering Your Best Customer

First and foremost, what we are doing isn’t just search engine optimization but it is online advertising. The number one thing we need to know is ‘who is your best customer?’ Until we can answer that question, everything else we do is a complete waste of time.

We at SpokaneProSEO take the time to get to know your business and where you want to focus your business into the future. This allows us to see what your best customer should look like.

What is Your Best Customer Looking For?

Once we have a good idea of who your best customer is, we need to discover what they are typing into the search engines to find a solution to their problem.

There will be keyword phrases that they will type that will not only point to you as a solution provider but tell you that they are ready to commit to purchasing from you.

From what they type into the search engines, much of it may just be research and not real purchase commitment. We will help you to discover what your best customer is typing into the search engines that could translate into profitable leads for your business.

Putting You In Front of Your Best Customer

This is where the work of search engine optimization begins. Performing white hat techniques, we get your web site to page one of Google where your customer is looking for you when they need you.

We use tools that are industry standard as well as in house exclusively built to give you the best services available in the industry.

At the end of the day, you need to have your business on the front page of the search engines. Most of the bigger businesses already know this and invest tremendous amount of resources to accomplish this tasks.

Many medium to smaller businesses have really only begun to understand this fact. It will be the early adopters who will be the industry leaders into the next decade.

So stop listening to the buzz of snake oil salesmen and get on board with a company who is not just a search engine optimization company but an online marketing company. Give us a call and talk to one of our representatives.